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Ridgerunners Woman of the Year 2022 Margo Vallone

2022 Woman of the Year Award Recipient, Margo Vallone, pictured with husband Peter.

​Previous recipients: Susie Brogdon, Peggy Lehmberg, Dorian Worley Dillard, Margie Bowyer, Ann Gayer, Sue Gagliardi, Jobeth Yarbrough, Jane Galvin, Judy Lacey, Charlotte McCloskey, Susan Gibson, Ginny Weiss, Sue Bacigalupo, Donna Bernstein, Verna Rauschenberg, Jean Lomax, Rosemary Richie, Diane Lacharite, Susan Willson, Cindy Marushak, Susan Eanes and Margo Vallone.

Ridgerunners Members Cruise

April 30 - May 5, 2023:  Fly into Miami for a fabulous day of shopping and dining, then board Royal Caribbean's "Freedom of the Seas" for a fabulous cruise in the Bahamas with your friends!  Cabin space is limited for the special below-market rates negotiated by our fellow Ridgerunner Alex Greene.  Ridgerunners members may invite female friends and family.

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Winter Break

Ridgerunners’ normal schedule of monthly meetings goes on pause over the winter holidays. After a wonderful presentation by Bill Cagle earlier this month about the development of the local marble industry and its connection to the construction of the Federal Hwy, the next regular meeting will not be held until February 14th at the Big Canoe Clubhouse. At that meeting, Jan Murphy will introduce us to our neighboring mountains.

Deadline: February 7, 2023
No nominations will be accepted after this time.


Now Accepting Woman of the Year Nominations for 2023!

Nominations are being accepted now through February 7, 2023 for the Woman of the Year Award. Given annually by Ridgerunners, the award recognizes a service-minded woman who has consistently, over-time, made meaningful contributions to Ridgerunners, Big Canoe, and/or the surrounding community through active participation in events and projects.

Nominations can only be made by a member of Ridgerunners. Nominations which must be received on or before February 7th can be made by leaving the nomination form in the Ridgerunners’ Alpha Box at the Big Canoe postal facility or by emailing the email address provided on the nominations form.​

Award Criteria

  1. Must be a resident of Big Canoe.
  2. May not have previously held the honor of Woman of the Year. 
  3. Must have made significant contributions to Big Canoe and/or our larger community.
  4. Must have been involved year after year in ongoing committees and projects.
  5. Must be a woman who thinks of others first.
  6. May not be an employee of the Big Canoe POA or the Big Canoe Chapel.


To make a nomination:

Complete this form with your contact information and the nominee’s contact information.  Be sure to include a separate sheet(s) detailing the reasons for your nomination. In your attached sheet, include specific detail and a thorough outline of the nominee's community contributions over the years. Don't hesitate to ask your nominee to help you provide the details if needed, as it is an honor for you to nominate her.

Submit your nomination by placing it in the Ridgerunners Alpha Box in the Big Canoe Postal Facility or by emailing the addresses listed on the form.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Ridgerunners Selection Committee. and will be presented at the April 2023 meeting. The award recipient will be kept secret until the April meeting.